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Welcome to Lægerne Herlev Midtby's new website.

Dear patients,  

We are the clinic's new doctors and  looking forward to starting as your new GPs. We look forward to meeting you.

We have taken over the clinic from Martin and Dorte and wish them all the best in the future.  


You want to be a patient right now  experience a changed structure in the clinic. One of the changes you  will notice  is that we have  introduced  "Time-same-day". That is, you must call the day you want a time. As a starting point, it will not be possible to book appointments in the future, with a few exceptions. (See more about making an appointment under "Book an appointment").

In the month of August, there will be a start-up period, where the website will be continuously updated and the phone time will be shortened. The phone will always  be open from kl. 8-9.15 every weekday.


If you are prevented from arriving at an agreed time, send one 

SMS on tel. 93930530.


Remember your name!


You do not have to call on the phone, as you will then record our emergency phone, which will be used for patients who call with acute, life-threatening situations.


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