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Are you pregnant?

Positive pregnancy test

Congratulations! Your pregnancy test  is positive!

You must order  time for this first  study when you are ​ ca. in  week  6-10.


The following supplements are recommended:

Folic acid: 400 micrograms daily from the time you think about getting pregnant and 12 weeks in  in pregnancy.

Vitamin D:  10 micrograms daily throughout pregnancy.

Iron: 40-50 mg ferrous iron daily from the 10th week of pregnancy and the rest of the pregnancy.  

Calcium; You should consume ½ liters of dairy product a day or take a daily 500 mg calcium supplement throughout your pregnancy.  

Unwanted pregnant: 

If the positive pregnancy test is not good news and you do not want the pregnancy, you should contact the clinic as soon as possible and get an appointment the same day.


You will be informed of your options and referred for treatment to a gynecologist or to the hospital.


Before  every  examination  shall  you make  one  urine sample.

There  is urine sample set on  the toilet in which you have to let the water in (follow the hung instructions). You hand the sample through the hatch to the nurse who will examine the urine  for  sugar, protein and blood.

Brugbart link ifm. graviditet og barsel

1st visit

When you are in week 6-10

What  shall  there  Spoon?

  • Fill out  pregnancy papers  and  hiking log

  • Measurement  of  blood pressure

  • Urine control

  • Blood test

  • Possibly.  Examination  for  chlamydia

  • Weight

Midwife consultation:

You  will  be  convened  from  that  hospital, du  wishes  to  food  on,  for midwife consultation around  week of pregnancy  14.


You  ordering  self  time  to  neck fold scan online  on  that  hospital you have chosen after consultation  heroppe.

2nd visit

When you are in week 25

What  shall  there  Spoon?

  • Measurement  of  blood pressure​

  • Urine control​

  • Possibly.  Blood test​

  • Weight​

  • Measurement  of  the uterus

3rd visit

When you're in week 32

What  shall  there  Spoon?

  • Measurement  of  blood pressure​

  • Urine control​

  • Weight​

  • Measurement  of  the uterus

Pertussis vaccine:
All pregnant women in the 3rd trimester are offered a free pertussis vaccine. This offer expires until 31.12.2020.
Pertussis vaccination during pregnancy is safe for both mother and child, and results in good protection of the child against pertussis in the months after birth. 
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