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Open Consultation


Here you meet in the clinic in the morning without an appointment. You will be looked after roughly in turn. 5 minutes are set aside per consultation. Most simple, acute or specific problems can be solved here.  

Open consultation is on all weekdays between kl. 8.00-9.00. 

(Only valid from 1 June)

​ For more complex issues, it will still be possible to call in the morning and book a Time-Same-Day. You must be aware that you may be asked on the phone to attend the Open Consultation the next day, if it is assessed that your problem can be solved here.



Is a consultation,  where after contact with the clinic it is assessed that you must have an appointment later the same day. More time has been set aside for this consultation than for open consultation.  

You can also book a Time-same-day online (as well as via the app: My Doctor). This is possible from 4 pm, when the times until the next day will be available. If your problem can be solved in an open consultation, please just meet here and do not book a Time-same-day.


Call the clinic on Tel. 44 94 16 15 between kl. 8 - 9.15  



It is NOT possible to book an appointment per. mail or forward in time.  

Scheduled  time


Is a time you can book out in the future. However, this is ONLY if you need:  

At the doctor:

  • Control of your chronic illness

  • Pediatric examination

  • Pregnancy examination

  • Cell sample

  • Certificates

At the nurses:

  • Control of your chronic illness

  • Vaccination

  • Removal of stitches

  • Cardiac cardiogram, blood tests etc.

If you want time for anything other than the above, you can NOT book a scheduled time. In that case, or if in doubt, call the clinic.  

Call the clinic on Tel. 44 94 16 15 between kl. 10 - 12.00  


You also have the option of booking a scheduled time online through yours

LOG IN or via the app MY DOCTOR.  

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