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Renew recipes

Online prescription renewal

Prescription Drugs

You can only re-order prescriptions at  medicine where there is a valid prescription on your public medicine card.


Re-ordering prescriptions can only be done online via

If you urgently need the medicine, call the clinic instead so that we can dispense your medicine immediately.

Du kan også fornye dine recepter via app'en Medicinkortet.



Once you have ordered the medicine, one of the doctors will approve or reject your medicine order and you will receive a response within 24 hours. Please note that the message that your medicine is approved can be found by clicking on "renewed prescriptions" in the right corner of your medicine list.

Hvis du akut har behov for en receptfornyelse skal du ringe til klinikken mellem kl. 10 og 12 og få en telefonisk receptfornyelse. 

Telephone prescription renewal

Medicine Prescription

You can re-order prescriptions for your regular medicine from our secretary.

Call the clinic  on Tel. 44 94 16 15

between the hours. 10 - 12.00 

Addictive drugs

The National Board of Health has emphasized that  EEL  addictive drugs, such as sedatives such as benzodiazepines, sleeping pills and morphine, require  personal attendance at the clinic.

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