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  • MELD AFBUD | LægerneHerlevMidtby

    Cancel Then we can give the time to someone else If you are prevented from arriving at an agreed time, send one SMS on tel. 93930530. Remember your name! ​ You do not have to call on the phone, as you will then record our emergency phone, which will be used for patients who call with acute problems.

  • MØD OS | LægerneHerlevMidtby

    Who are we? The clinic's Vision The core of our clinic is to achieve HEALTH, for the individual. In other words, complete physical, mental and social well-being and not just the absence of illness or weakness. In our clinic, innovation must be universal with professionalism in focus. There must be openness to everything new and space for many different personalities. One must be able to feel a mutual respect, with freedom under responsibility. We take the heart to work. Doctors Doctor Anders Vangkilde Graduated from the University of Aarhus, 2009 Ph.D. from the University of Copenhagen, 2015 Specialist in general medicine, 2020 General Practitioner, 2020 Member of the: ​ Danish Medical Association General Practitioners Organization Danish Society for General Medicine ​ Doctor Sita LeBlanc Thilsted Educated doctor from Copenhagen University, 2010 Specialist in general medicine, 2020 General Practitioner, 2020 ​​ Member of the: ​ Danish Medical Association General Practitioners Organization Danish Society for General Medicine Staff Nurse Helle Würtz Nurse Christina Madsen Medical Secretary Tina Olsen Physiotherapist Rikke Høyer Midwife Nina Green Billede på vej Educational physician Mads D. Winther Billede på vej Uddannelseslæge Camilla

  • New Page | LægerneHerlevMidtby

    Dear patient ​ From 1 September, we have hired a new medical secretary, Tina. She will often be the first I meetings when you enters the clinic. Hope you will welcome her. ​ From September 7, the phone hours will be extended again, so you can call within the following time periods: - Kl. 8.00-9.15: Doctor (Emergency telephone consultation) Secretary (Booking Time Same Day) ​ - Kl. 9.45-11.45: Secretary (Ordering scheduled times, renewing prescriptions, etc.) ​ Unfortunately, we continue to experience problems with our online appointments. We expect a solution soon, so that it will be possible to book time online without difficulty. Yours sincerely, Doctors Anders and Sit

  • ER DU GRAVID? | LægerneHerlevMidtby

    Are you pregnant? Positive pregnancy test Congratulations! Your pregnancy test is positive! You must order time for this first study when you are ​ ca. in week 6-10. The following supplements are recommended: Folic acid: 400 micrograms daily from the time you think about getting pregnant and 12 weeks in in pregnancy. ​ Vitamin D: 10 micrograms daily throughout pregnancy. ​ Iron: 40-50 mg ferrous iron daily from the 10th week of pregnancy and the rest of the pregnancy. ​ Calcium; You should consume ½ liters of dairy product a day or take a daily 500 mg calcium supplement throughout your pregnancy. ​ ​ ​ Unwanted pregnant: If the positive pregnancy test is not good news and you do not want the pregnancy, you should contact the clinic as soon as possible and get an appointment the same day. You will be informed of your options and referred for treatment to a gynecologist or to the hospital. ​ ​ make an appointment REMEMBER Before every examination shall you make one urine sample. There is urine sample set on the toilet in which you have to let the water in (follow the hung instructions). You hand the sample through the hatch to the nurse who will examine the urine for sugar, protein and blood. Brugbart link ifm. graviditet og barsel ​ 1st visit When you are in week 6-10 What shall there Spoon? ​ Fill out pregnancy papers and hiking log ​ Measurement of blood pressure ​ Urine control ​ Blood test ​ Possibly. Examination for chlamydia ​ Weight Midwife consultation: You will be convened from that hospital, du wishes to food on, for midwife consultation around week of pregnancy 14. REMEMBER You ordering self time to neck fold scan online on that hospital you have chosen after consultation heroppe. Herlev hospital 2nd visit When you are in week 25 What shall there Spoon? ​ Measurement of blood pressure​ Urine control​ Possibly. Blood test​ Weight​ Measurement of the uterus 3rd visit When you're in week 32 What shall there Spoon? ​ Measurement of blood pressure​ Urine control​ Weight​ Measurement of the uterus Pertussis vaccine: ​ All pregnant women in the 3rd trimester are offered a free pertussis vaccine. This offer expires until 31.12.2020. Pertussis vaccination during pregnancy is safe for both mother and child, and results in good protection of the child against pertussis in the months after birth.

  • BLODPRØVER | LægerneHerlevMidtby

    Blood tests Blood sampling If you need to have blood samples taken, then you can book a scheduled time at the nurse. Call the clinic and hear more. make an appointment

  • Reuma | LægerneHerlevMidtby

    Rheumatologists Jens Skøt Hindrup Rheumatologist (rheumatologist) Søborg Hovedgade 199, 1, th. 2860 Søborg Telephone: 3969 2056 Karen Lisbeth Faarvang Rheumatologist (rheumatologist) Lyngby Hovedgade 57C, 1. 2800 Kgs. Lyngby Telephone: 4587 2525 Mette Klarlund Rheumatologist (rheumatologist) Jægersborg Alle 16, 2, tv 2920 Charlottenlund Telephone: 3963 6610 Peder Hove Sørensen Rheumatologist (rheumatologist) Humlevænget 4 2800 Kongens Lyngby Telephone: 4593 8201

  • Neurolog | LægerneHerlevMidtby

    Neurologists Troels Sørensen Neurologist Herlev Ringvej 2C, 1., tv. 2730 Herlev Telephone: 4450 3222 Poul Jennum Neurologist Ordrupvej 60, 4. 2920 Charlottenlund Telephone: 6913 3963 Bjarke on Rogvi-Hansen Neurologist Jægersborg Alle 14, 2 2920 Charlottenlund Telephone: 3126 1261 Gitte Blichfeldt Ørsnes Neurologist Lyngbyvej 1, 1., th 2100 Copenhagen East Telephone: 3920 4022

  • SKRIV EMAIL | LægerneHerlevMidtby

    Write to the clinic E-consultation E-consultation is reserved for simple and specific questions. It is not intended as an actual consultation. If you are in doubt about whether your inquiry can be handled electronically, it is better to book an appointment at the clinic. You can write to the clinic (e-cons) via your LOG IN or via the App: MY DOCTOR ​ Remember you can not book appointments by writing to the clinic.

  • Ort.kir. | LægerneHerlevMidtby

    Orthopedic surgeons Christian Gede Orthopedic surgeon Boulevards 4 2800 Kgs. Lyngby Telephone: 4588 2665 Claus Lindkær Jensen Orthopedic surgeon Bernstorffsvej 20, 3. 2900 Hellerup Telephone: 3918 5570 Michael Lohmann Orthopedic surgeon Jægersborg Alle 16, 1. 2920 Charlottenlund Telephone: 3963 6418 Carsten Tørholm Orthopedic surgeon Wittenberggade 45, 4 2300 Copenhagen S Telephone: 3212 1040

  • RECEPTER | LægerneHerlevMidtby

    Renew recipes Online prescription renewal You can only re-order prescriptions at medicine where there is a valid prescription on your public medicine card. Re-ordering prescriptions can only be done online via ​ If you urgently need the medicine, call the clinic instead so that we can dispense your medicine immediately. Du kan også fornye dine recepter via app'en Medicinkortet. Medicinkortet Once you have ordered the medicine, one of the doctors will approve or reject your medicine order and you will receive a response within 24 hours. Please note that the message that your medicine is approved can be found by clicking on "renewed prescriptions" in the right corner of your medicine list. Telephone prescription renewal You can re-order prescriptions for your regular medicine from our secretary. ​ Call the clinic on Tel. 44 94 16 15 between the hours. 10 - 12.00 Hvis du akut har behov for en receptfornyelse skal du ringe til klinikken mellem kl. 10 og 12 og få en telefonisk receptfornyelse. Addictive drugs The National Board of Health has emphasized that EEL addictive drugs, such as sedatives such as benzodiazepines, sleeping pills and morphine, require personal attendance at the clinic. make an appointment The National Board of Health's Guidance

  • Plastik. Kir. | LægerneHerlevMidtby

    Plastic surgeons KT Drzewiecki Plastic surgeon Jægersborg Alle 14 2920 Charlottenlund Telephone: 3964 2509 Peter Fotopoulos Plastic surgeon Vesterbrogade 10, 5 1620 Copenhagen V Telephone: 3321 2003 Kirsten Hviid Alsbjørn Plastic surgeon Lyngby Hovedgade 57B, 1. 2800 Kgs. Lyngby Telephone: 4587 4533 Liselotte Sabroe Ebbesen Plastic surgeon Vesterbrogade 121, 5 1620 Copenhagen V Telephone: 3222 0203

  • BØRNEUNDERSØGELSER | LægerneHerlevMidtby

    Pediatric examinations and vaccinations 5 weeks Full infant study 3rd month First vaccination against laryngitis, tetanus, pertussis, polio, meningitis and laryngitis 5th month Pediatric examination ​ ​ Second vaccination against laryngitis, tetanus, pertussis, polio, meningitis and laryngitis 1st year Pediatric examination ​ ​ Third vaccination against laryngitis, tetanus, whooping cough, polio, meningitis and laryngitis 15 months First vaccination against measles, mumps and rubella dogs 2nd year Pediatric examination​​ 3rd year Pediatric examination​​ 4th year Pediatric examination ​ ​ Second vaccination against measles, mumps and rubella dogs 5th year Pediatric examination ​ ​ Booster vaccination mod laryngitis, tetanus, whooping cough and polio 12 years Two vaccinations against Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is given by 6 months gap

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